Meet Cynergy!

Meet Cynergy! She's a 22x8 ft cargo trailer. Nothing inside but wood

I have plans. Big plans. Tiny living. I've been slowly moving to less and less stuff as I transition to one day fitting all my belongings to this space.

But some building also has to occur first. By now (June) the insulation is in the ceiling, wood panels over the insulation, the floors have been epoxied and the walls painted white. I started the ceiling Paint, white of course. LoL #whitepaintobsession

More needs to be done like a bedframe/platform. I just want something simple to paint white, however, I do want it high enough for storage underneath. 

Other things like a window, more insulation and heat (I'm in Canada), and electricity is to come, as money pops up. **shamless plug here.. please consider being a Patreon subscriber**

I don't have many photos because it's such a small space. 

Here is the Facebook link for the reel introducing and touring Cynergy.

3rd real update.

4th update and final reel to date (June/23).

But, keep watching and maybe follow my reels to see more video updates. I'm planning to add the window this Summer, maybe some wiring, more paint and something fun.. I have a big cupboard that was made to my specific specifications. If I don't repurpose it I won't be able to take it with me. I'm thinking of making it a permanent fixture. So watch for that. Anything where I can make it my own and save money is what I'm looking for.

It will be years, likely, before I'm in there full time but it's great peace of mind for someone who had fears of homelessness. 


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