OML Advertising Opportunity to Come

Hello OML friends! (And those planning to join our FB group, Our Minimalist Lifestyle)

For years we have fought those wanting to advertise their product and services and clutter up our wall.

It's not that some of those businesses were terrible or annoying but we aren't all here to see random ads each day.

But, Cindy gave me an idea.. 

Promoting my members. Give a benefit to being here, besides community, knowledge and ideas.

To start, I'm thinking one day per month within a post Cindy (moderator) or I post. It doesn't have to be about minimalism but it does have to have your area served at the very beginning. Area and country, as this is a world-wide group. Oh, and please don't post things gross, like sex services or something. I don't know, just having a thought that I should state the obvious. LoL 

Hmmm... maybe I'll also add things like bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers.

I'm think the day will be Mondays so we have the week with that post. Seems like a good day to start. Not to mention, I only clean 1 Monday per month.

So to summarize.. paid advertising in a world-wide group with over 60k members. One post we start and you add your serving location (xyz, Canada | ABC, USA  etc ) before your blurb. 

Oh, message me your details and I will let you know the email to EMT the $5 to me. Do people call it EMT (electric funds transfer) all over the world? Does it work all over the world? I guess we cam only include those who can do this.

So that is the current plan. I'll leave the announcement up, to see if members can make any portion a little clearer or the process smoother.


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