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A New Business Is Official!

Hi all, I have some exciting news. This week I officially registered MindfulKim!  To go along with blogging about minimalism, slow living, outdoor life and more I have included flipping ATVs.  Today I posted our first ATV for sale on Marketplace! This is a 1990 Yamaha Big Bear 350 with 907 km. It wasn't running when first purchased but the bike was fully taken apart, cleaned and painted. The wires checked and maintained where needed, battery charged. A brand new carb & reverse cable both installed. Click to see the ad on Marketplace (after it's sold the link won't work), including a video of it being driven a little. I'm hoping to have more in depth videos of the bikes being tested. Thanks for checking them out and we appreciate the shares and follows. 🥰 Many blessings, MindfulKim 🙏