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Often we aren't modelled what boundaries look like. Those who wish to control you wouldn't want you to have boundaries nor would those with substance abuse issues. We need to learn this as we go. For me, the first step in having boundaries was learning my core values. Make a list of all values, that have meaning to you, and then decide on your top five. If something doesn't feel just right, or you can't decide what to say yes to, just check on your values. Not in alignment with your values? Then say no without guilt. It's your life, after all. Nobody else gets to decide what's important to you or how to live your life and those angered by your decision have ulterior intentions, other than you living your best life, because only you get to decide on your life story. Check in with your life regularly, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, resentful or depression. Which are all signs of boundary issues. Check with your calendar, check a