Often we aren't modelled what boundaries look like. Those who wish to control you wouldn't want you to have boundaries nor would those with substance abuse issues. We need to learn this as we go.

For me, the first step in having boundaries was learning my core values. Make a list of all values, that have meaning to you, and then decide on your top five. If something doesn't feel just right, or you can't decide what to say yes to, just check on your values. Not in alignment with your values? Then say no without guilt. It's your life, after all. Nobody else gets to decide what's important to you or how to live your life and those angered by your decision have ulterior intentions, other than you living your best life, because only you get to decide on your life story.

Check in with your life regularly, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, resentful or depression. Which are all signs of boundary issues. Check with your calendar, check around your home to the align with what's important to you.

To help with your boundary list here is MY top 5 and also the top 60 values (of 216) from the Science of People website

Kim's Top 5 Boundary List (and why)

1. Stability - When you've been trapped in a toxic relationship, facing the possibility of homelessness, bankruptcy and the loss of your child and fur babies, stability becomes absolutely essential.  I'll  never be in a position of loss again. Ever. This becomes primal.

2. Calmness, peace, connection with Spirit - To me, this is all one and the same. Again, past experiences and lack (less than ideal home life, growing up) have made these a priority in my life. Being outdoors was a way to achieve this feeling, as a child, growing up in rural Alberta. 

3. Joy - Finding joy in all aspects of life is definitely the best way to live life, I find. It's also the best way to attract your wants in life and to get through any tough time.

4. Freedom - Not being trapped in a job, a social situation, or an obligation is an amazing feeling. So light, so joyful. One way is to free yourself from too much clutter, whether it be belongings or in your schedule!

5. Humour - A cure for anything... sadness, depression, indecision, confusion, overwhelm. Humour helps to bridge from the unwanted to the wanted quicker than any other way, for me.

The Science of People (60/216)

  1. Honesty
  2. Integrity
  3. Wisdom
  4. Autonomy
  5. Loyalty
  6. Abundance
  7. Kindness 
  8. Charity 
  9. Respect
  10. Courage
  11. Generosity
  12. Gratitude
  13. Openness
  14. Accountability 
  15. Compassion
  16. Success
  17. Self-love
  18. Spirituality
  19. Justice
  20. Forgiveness
  21. Caring 
  22. Faith
  23. Beauty
  24. Spirituality
  25. Wealth
  26. Beauty
  27. Acceptance
  28. Humor
  29. Intuition
  30. Prosperity
  31. Change
  32. Gracefulness
  33. Peacefulness
  34. Harmony
  35. Balance
  36. Joy/Fun
  37. Independence
  38. Efficiency
  39. Promise-keeping
  40. Fairness
  41. Sincerity
  42. Accuracy
  43. Goodness
  44. Hope
  45. Honor
  46. Humility
  47. Insightfulness
  48. Influence
  49. Decisiveness 
  50. Knowledge
  51. Lawfulness
  52. Calmness
  53. Bliss
  54. Clarity
  55. Cleanliness 
  56. Boldness 
  57. Optimism 
  58. Bravery 
  59. Friendliness 
  60. Selflessness

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