Who Decides What Is Too Much Phone Use??

Who decides what it too much phone use?? 

Let me first say, I love my phone and find it annoying that so many are trying to get us to stop using them.  

People need to be more specific. Just stop? Or stop doing mindless things on it? Who decides what is mindless and what about other places, other than the phone? Like video games, watching tv or binge eating!

I almost never mindlessly scroll and when I do, it's because I'm waiting for something or too tired to focus on reading. Or maybe I just want a laugh!

What does everyone else use their phone for? Personally, I am always taking a course or listening to a podcast or music. I read on my phone and don't over-do social media. Personally, I wish I could be on it more.. listening or reading inspirational things. I don't find I have a lot of time to waste since I'm always working on the next project or reading/listening to something great. 

What about YOU? Do you waste time or use your phone for inspiration and growth, with intention?

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Kim, Mindfulness Life Coach


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