Step One... WHY

My best friend (Cindy) was reminiscing on how she came to be part of my approximately 70k membership Facebook group and sent me a message. What she realized was life changing. It's the first step in going from overwhelm to peacefulness. 

Here's what she wrote: 

Ok. I was thinking about this last night. When I first met you I told you why I needed you and this lifestyle. I told you my “reason” was I was facing Tim’s (husband) last days and I didn’t know how I could deal without him. Then you said, “there is joy in everyday you just have to look for it.” Somehow, those words unlocked something in my brain and from there I faced/ facing not only Tim’s last days but everything else. 

I was stuck and didn’t have motivation because I was focused only on the bad things in my life. I didn’t want to go forward which affected me mentally and physically. If I’m paralyzed and not moving my body I hurt. And I think a lot of people are in the same boat as I was. They can’t move forward because they don’t want to face their life such as it is. OR maybe they don’t like their lives. Maybe they got married have kids and discovered they don’t want that life anymore. Sad to think that but maybe some people do regret. Maybe their spouse is a prick and they don’t want to even do dishes because they hate him and their life w him. Etc etc etc…..

I say all this because that one thing, I feel was a huge catalyst to accepting my life, as it is and moving forward. And that one thing you said to me catapulted me to living my life. 🤔 One fear can ruin a persons life. 

So, what do you do?? You pick one thing. One thing for your why. One thing that you want to change and focus on that. 

That's step one. Find out your why and then build your vision around that why.

If you're interested in going from overwhelmed to peacefulness in 4 steps, a holistic minimalism boot camp, please email me for information or to go on the waitlist.  


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